Youth generation perception on jobs

marketing research

Satisfaction with current job
Youth’s attitude towards work
How they perceive their work
Evaluation of current job, reasons for wanting a career at current job
Involvement in professional training
How the youngsters find a job


How youngsters change their jobs; fields in which they want to work
Preferences for multinational vs. Local companies
What salary they desire/ What salary they accept
Criteria that need to be fulfilled when accepting a job
Benefits desired from a job


Qualitative research: 2 focus-groups with employees 18-25 years old and 26-34 years old. Quantitative research: 770 respondents, 70 aged between 18-25 and 179 aged between 26-34, representative for employees in urban areas or those who intend to get a job in urban areas, error degree +/- 3.7%
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