Electro – IT purchasing habits in Romania

marketing research

What electronics and appliances will be bought next year?
What is the price that consumers are willing to pay for each product individually (ex: TV, Smartphone, laptop, microwave, fridge, washing machine, stove etc.)
What are the criteria for purchasing electronics and appliances?
What type of store (hypermarket, specialized retailer, online retailer) and which store they choose for each category of products and why?


Are your ads visible for the target group?
Which are the most relevant means of communication with your consumers (TV, radio, newspapers, OOH, Internet)? On which of these channels you reach better the potential buyers?
What’s the performance of your store in comparison with competition?
How many loyal consumers do you have? How willing are the consumers to recommend your store?
Why sell online? Why sell in physical stores (offline)?


Details can be provided for each category of interest
1200 interviews, 16+ years, representative for urban areas, data collection based on online panel

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