Digitalization of the Romanian companies and ways of promoting

marketing research

How technology helps companies
Smart devices used in the company
Number of employees with voice/ data subscriptions
Programs used by Managers/ Smartphone programs used by Managers
Advertising strategies (ex: Focus on customer experience, Focus on quality/ Low prices etc.)
Difficulties encountered by companies


Solutions used by companies for data storage
Solutions used by companies for data security
Antivirus software used by companies/ Intention to purchase in the next year
Type of software used by companies
Methods used for internal communication
Advertising/ selling methods used by the companies (online/ offline)
The efficiency of used advertising/ selling methods


Target: general managers of companies (average fiscal value of companies surveyed is 800k €). Additional analyses by company size (up to 5 employees, 6-50 employees, 51-250 employees, more than 250 employees, industry: B2B or B2C).

Price: 3400€, available immediately